New Earth Camp is an open space to explore new ways of living, working, learning, in community • Content is determined by you: the Group!  • Connect with like-minded people • Co-create new ways forward • Breathe fresh mountain air • Celebrate! • Contribute your talents to the theme: “GIVE AND RECEIVE”.

27 February-1 March 2015, Bio Hotel Balance, CH-1922 Les Granges

We started Friday evening at 18:00 with dinner and end Sunday at 16:30.

What is New Earth Camp?

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” – Rumi.

New Earth Camp is about that field, a space in which we are all connected. Together we enter the space on Friday evening, meeting over a lovely dinner at the hotel. On Saturday morning, we invite you all to bring in your talents and ideas to make a ‘collage’ of offerings that connect people in various constellations for the rest of the weekend. Each of us can propose discussions, presentations, exercises, co-creation to explore with others.

The aim of New Earth Camp is to share ideas about “creating a better future together”. How we do this during the weekend is up to all of us. As your Hosts, Jeannine and Madelon bring your ideas together on Saturday morning. An example of a project that will be brought in at New Earth Camp, is Eco-project Vevey an initiative by international locals to create cooperative housing and permaculture gardening in the local Vaud region (see and join in!). Themes people bring include new forms of group living, elderly coops, permaculture design, new kinds of education, community supported agriculture, health, food, future finance, green architecture, political trends, spiritual approaches to new earth, conservation of natural areas, renewable energy, diversity, children’s activities…you propose and choose.

In 2015 we are inspired by the overall theme “GIVE AND RECEIVE”. This may help to nurture a ‘red thread’ through the weekend, which we can all connect to.

In the form of a series of gatherings during Saturday and Sunday we take time to gently discover and connect deeply with others who might share similar interests or have complementary skills. We take time and space for inspiration, allow for surprises and spontaneous collaborations around projects, questions, practices, creative work.

This kind of meeting is very different from what you might expect from ‘normal’ seminars, conferences or workshops. That is because, this is not a “workshop” or seminar, it is not about ‘teaching’ or ‘hard work’. It is about inspiring, learning and enjoying both connection and exploration. We do not ask people to ‘fit in’ to a certain topic. Here you really open a big space (also in yourself) for whatever wants to emerge from our ‘common ground’. We have experienced already a few times that we started a session, but with the contributions of everyone, by the end it totally different from what we had envisioned – it was better! And that is a good thing.

During a session, it’s important that if you brought in the idea for it, then you host the group that comes to join you, you take responsibility for allowing people to participate in what is offered. Everyone is free to move between sessions, 2 or 3 can be going on in parallel in different spaces in the Biohotel Balance – in the lounge, in the main hall, in the snow, by the fire… anywhere you think is right! If you follow your intuition it usually works out effortlessly. Our experience with the New Earth Camps is that the open and creative spirit of the meeting is the key. If we connect our action to this source, things become sustainable and deeply connected to what is energy giving and constructive. People who share your passion and talents become part of that web of life that we can then build together.

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